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Unit Study
Grade School Multi-Subject Unit Study, Year Two: Medieval Era, Part One

Welcome to our grade school unit-based curriculum! To simplify and streamline home education for families who want an integrated literature-based curriculum, the three Grade School Project-Based Ancient History Courses this year will incorporate History, Science, Language Arts, Art, and Religion. Your student will learn in these disciplines in a synchronized curriculum. Each unit will coordinate and dovetail learning into one harmonized program.

Total classes: 12

Suggested grade level: 3rd to 6th

Course Format

Course Format: The yearlong program is taught in three segments: Course 1, Course 2, and Course 3. Families sign their students up for all three segments, to create a complete year of learning.

This program uses a “flipped classroom” approach in a four-days-per-week course of study: families watch teacher-created videos and work together on interactive lessons (guided materials and instruction) in advance of the class. After the week of home learning, the once-a-week LIVE online class “becomes the place to work through problems, advance concepts, and engage in collaborative learning.”1

Families are provided with daily lessons, checklists, videos, and other materials. Each week culminates in a LIVE, thirty-minute online class meeting for parents and students together with the instructor. During each weekly class meeting, students will discuss the weekly readings, play

1 The Flipped Classroom, https://www.educationnext.org/the-flipped-classroom/, accessed April 9, 2019.

2 Homeschool Connections Grade School Project-Based Unit Study Course Descriptions 3rd through 6th grade 2019-2020 School Year educational/high-interest games to reinforce the week’s learning, and have the opportunity to share project work and poetry recitation on camera.

Coordination with the Middle and High School

Coordination with the Middle and High School Programs: If you are also teaching older students, Homeschool Connections provides both live, interactive courses and recorded, independent-learning courses that follow this exact program – so that your elementary through high school students can use the same curriculum together. By following the resources provided, you can use this curriculum in cooperation with your middle and high school students in the areas of History, Literature, and Philosophy. The goal of this program is to empower families to embark upon a full multi-grade study of the same era in their homeschool – making learning more concise, focused, and unified across all of the family’s learning experience.

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