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Catholic Middle Ages

Join this Medieval History course for a comprehensive overview of the European Middle Ages that helps your student understand and make connections with history and today, as well as see the connection between the Church & history.

Total Classes: 12

Prerequisite: None. However, “Life and Times of the Ancient Romans” is recommended.

Suggested Grade Level: 10th to 12th grade. 9th grade with strong reading and writing skills. No middle school students, please.

Suggested Credit: One full semester of Medieval or World History. For a full year credit, sign up for “The Rending of Christendom (1415-1648)” as well.


The course studies the Middle Ages from a perspective of the contributions of the Catholic religion to the cultural, political, intellectual, and artistic life of the Middle Ages. This is not a comprehensive political medieval history course, but rather a religious history course on the development of Catholicism throughout the medieval era.


Class 1: Fall of Rome
Class 2: Monasticism
Class 3: The Holy Isle
Class 4: The Church’s Eldest Daughter
Class 5: Charlemagne
Class 6: Investiture & Ideology
Class 7: Dawn of Scholasticism
Class 8: Cluniacs & Cistercians
Class 9: Deus Vult and the Crusades
Class 10: Mendicant Orders
Class 11: Medieval Heresy
Class 12: Church vs. State

Materials and Homework

Course Materials: The Catholic Middle Ages: A Primary Document Catholic Study Course by Phillip Campbell, as well as the Answer Key, published by Cruachan Hill Press. Please note, all books are print on demand, which means they must first be printed before they are shipped. Shipping can take up to 14 business days. 

Homework: Weekly reading assignments along with short answer questions. Expect to spend three hours per week on homework in addition to weekly lectures and review.

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