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Top-Ten Stocking Stuffers for the Homeschool Mom

Remembering Mom Christmas Morning

This is a top-ten list just for the husbands and children of homeschool mothers. If your family is like mine, Christmas morning begins with the discovery of filled-to-the-brim stockings in front of the hearth, left by St. Nicholas. Well, all are filled to the brim … except for Mom’s stocking. After all, she’s the one who usually handles the bulk of the Christmas shopping.

Here are some simple, inexpensive ideas for you to help make Mom’s Christmas morning a little more special. Coordinate with St. Nick to include some of these stocking stuffers just for her …

(Do you need gift ideas for under the tree? Go here: The Ultimate Gift Guide for Homeschool Moms)

Top-Ten Stocking Stuffers for the Homeschool Mom


  1. Chocolate. Lots of chocolate.
  2. School supplies: Sharpies, gel pens, post-it notes, highlighters, and/or memory sticks.
  3. Gift cards! One for take-out, giving her a kitchen-free night. Or one for the movies if that’s her thing. Or, how about a spa day?!
  4. Homemade coupon for a night alone, sans kids, for lesson planning, or whatever she wants to do (alone!). Or coupons for extra help with chores.
  5. Chocolate. Oh wait, I already listed that. Oh well, give her more chocolate.
  6. Her favorite lotion or cologne. Or scented candle (small enough to fit into a stocking.)
  7. Handwritten note: “Why my mom is special to me”, “Top-ten reasons my mom is awesome”, or “Why I’m still madly in love with my wife(!)”.
  8. Special Christmas ornament. It can be handmade or store-bought. However, if it’s store-bought, make sure it has special meaning for Mom.
  9. On online membership to Amazon Prime, Audible, Netflix, or Hulu
  10. A card with your commitment to pray for your mom. Slide in a prayer card or medal with the written promise.
The gifts don’t need to be perfect. It really is the thought that counts. It’s special to have something to open on Christmas morning. All these little things will add up to a lot in your mom’s heart.
What are your ideas for stuffing Mom’s Christmas stocking? Join us in our Catholic homeschool community and let’s get a conversation going!
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Thinking of Mom on Christmas
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