Preparing a High School Transcript

Tomorrow my daughter and I have a meeting with the admissions dept. of the (potential) college of her choice. So, today we’re going over her high school transcript.

Creating a high school transcript for a homeschooled student sounds like a daunting task to many parents. However, if you spend just an hour or two on it each semester starting in 9th grade it’s really pretty easy.

The first thing I’ve done with each of my high school children is finding a good homeschool transcript template. This link includes a transcript form and instructions: Homeschool Connections Free Homeschool Forms. It is basic and easy to use. Just fill in the blanks with course titles, credit hours, and grades.

Then to convert the letter grades to a number GPA, I use an online GPA calculator. This little online gadget has been incredibly handy over the years.

I then add in extracurricular activities at the end and I’m almost done. Before sending it off to a university, I have it notarized. That’s it. It’s that easy.

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