Record Keeping Posts
Oct 03, 2023

Record-Keeping for Unschoolers

Unschooling can pose particular challenges for state record-keeping requirements. Here are some easy-to-implement strategies.
Aug 08, 2022

Homeschool Record Keeping As You Go

How to keep detailed homeschool records to provide proof of education as well as help you assess your child's progress.
Feb 28, 2022

Record Keeping for Eclectic Homeschoolers and Unschoolers

Back in the day when I first started homeschooling, most of us were eclectic homeschoolers or unschoolers. Catholic homeschooling was very unstructured with few resources available. There were few home study programs and little homeschool curriculum. Most of us lived at the library, relied on our homeschooling friends, and found educational value in everyday life.
Sep 17, 2021

Ode to My Planner Book

How do you get structure if you assemble your own curriculum? It doesn’t happen by magic. You have to make it yourself. I couldn’t do it without my trusty daily planner.
Jul 17, 2021

Everything You Never Wanted to Know about Homeschool Record Keeping

Here are the basics of homeschool record-keeping in an easy-to-read FAQ format.
Aug 05, 2010

Preparing a High School Transcript

Simple steps to prepare your homeschooled teen's transcript.

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