Transcript Help:
Standard Transcript Template and Instructions (Word Docx)
Standard Transcript Template and Instructions (PDF)
Homeschool Connections Transcript Template

Grade School Diploma (PDF)
(High School Diploma Coming Soon)
Free Diploma Help
High School List of Courses (PDF)
Individual Course Details (PDF)
(More recordkeeping forms coming soon)

Grade Book
Single Student Grade Book  (Excel)
This spreadsheet automatically calculates grades for the semester. After opening, click on the Instructions tab to get started.
Free Grade Book for High School

Planning Help:
Four-Year Plan for High School (Word Docx)
Revisit this plan every year starting in 8th grade.

6 Steps for Successful Homeschool Planning:
STEP 1. As the current school year begins to wind down, take time to prayerfully reflect on the success of your school year. Write down what worked well and what didn’t.

Use this form: Reviewing Last Year (Word Docx) 

STEP 2. Before the beginning of the school year, put together a “course of study.” I suggest June, when everything is fresh in your mind but you’ve had a chance to reflect on the year. Your “course of study” will include all of the courses you want to tackle throughout the entire school year. This is a broad plan. You’ll write down goals, books to be used, and enrichment ideas.

Use this form: Annual Course of Study (Word Docx)

STEP 3. Take your annual goals and break them down month by month.  By looking at the year month by month, you can make arrangements for holidays and preplanned events.

Use this form: Yearly Schedule: Monthly Goals (Word Docx)

STEP 4. At the beginning of the each quarter, write out a quarterly course of study. This is similar to what you did for the year, only with more detail. This gives you the opportunity to review your current achievements and make adjustments for any unforeseen events. You can also make adjustments for children who are advancing at a different rate than expected.

Use this form: Quarterly Course Plan (Word Docx)

STEP 5. The final scheduling form is the weekly itinerary. Every weekend, sit down and complete the plan for the next week. If your child is older and self-directed, then he or she can complete this step alone. This itinerary is then given to each child on Monday morning. They can check off tasks as they are completed.

Use this form: Weekly Itinerary (Word Docx)
Alternative if you prefer an online service: Scholaric

STEP 6. If you are scheduling your day hour by hour, then I have a daily planning form for you. This is important to use if you have time commitments such as live, interactive online classes, lessons outside the home, club meetings, etc.

Use this form: Daily Itinerary (Word Docx)

Certificate of Course Completion
Use this form as students complete courses to help you with record keeping.

Certificate (Word Doc)
Certificate (PDF)

For the Love of Literature Resources
From Maureen Wittmann’s book For the Love of Literature

Reading Journal (PDF)
For grade, middle, and high school. Hey, Mom and Dad could use this form too!

Reading Log (PDF)
Keeping a list of books read for the school year will help you in creating a portfolio and in planning next year’s curriculum.

Library Log (PDF)
Keep track of library books to avoid fines.

Using Literature to Teach Core Subjects (PDF)
Checklist of books read, subjects covered, and assignments.

Unit Study Checklist (PDF)
Create your own unit studies based on living literature.

Timeline Resources

Timeline Book Template and Instructions (PDF)
Create a “Book of Centuries.” Print on 3-hole punch paper to organize chronologically in a 3-ring binder.

Catholic History Timeline (PDF)
To learn more about how to use this form, read “Teaching American Catholic History through Genealogy” in The Catholic Homeschool Companion.

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