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Writing Bootcamp: Creating Stories with Pets and Animals as the Heroes

Learn how to write fiction with animal characters with this one-week, four-lesson boot camp. You’ll come away with a new knowledge of storytelling, the elements of fiction, how to increase your creativity, and great writing skills—and it’s a lot of fun!

Total classes: 4

Prerequisite: None

Suggested grade level: 5th to 8th grade

Suggested credit: 1/3 credit Creative Writing


Learn how to write stories about animal heroes and their adventures during this one-week workshop this summer! When you join this four-session course (M-TH), you will learn about writing stories with animal characters, what’s inside a story, how to make a fun and engaging hero, how to create a world and setting for your story, and how to describe your characters and world using the five senses. You will learn the elements of storytelling, bringing a new creative way of thinking to all your writing and creativity. During each class, we will have a lesson followed by exercises to build your character and world—and practice excellent writing skills. This is a fun course that you’ll definitely enjoy!


Class 1: Story Writing with Animals—What’s inside a story; what is a hero; what is conflict; how do you make a wonderful story that people want to read.

Class 2: Characters—How do you write animal personalities in a character; how to include animal behavior into a character’s actions; and when pet characters are best friends with human characters.

Class 3: Worldbuilding & Setting—How to create a world full of animals that fit into a story

Class 4: Description & Using the Five Senses—How to make your story come alive;  how to include unique animal senses in writing.

Materials and Homework

Course materials: All materials are provided free by the instructor.

Homework: Students will practice writing with each of the ideas presented in class. Because the classes are “in a row” (each day), homework will begin in class with brainstorming and using the concepts discussed. Students may add to or change their work before the next class begins, to complete the 1-2 paragraph written assignment due in each 24-hour period.

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