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To Humanity, Love Paul

Saint Paul is a towering figure in Christianity. Much of our theology is based on his letters, but they are full of seemingly run-on sentences and difficult language. Even Saint Peter had trouble with them (2 Peter 3:16)! His words are sometimes turned against the Church by people of other belief systems. Was Paul Catholic? How on earth can we read these letters and know what he’s talking about?! Join Mrs. Vaughan in this course to meet the true Saint Paul, and go on a whirlwind journey with him as he evangelizes to the ends of the earth!

Total classes: 12

Prerequisite: None

Suggested grade level: 9th to 12th grade

Suggested credit: One full semester Theology or New Testament Scripture


Saint Paul is a towering figure in the Church. So much of our Catholic theology is based on his writings, and yet so often people attempt to turn his words against the Church. This course is going to introduce students to Saint Paul within his own context – a first-century Jewish convert to Christianity. We will look at his radical transformation, how Jesus completely transformed his reading of Jewish Scriptures, his many sea-faring adventures, his run-ins with the authorities, and we will walk through the letters he wrote (they’re for everyone, not just theologians!) in order to get to really know this man who has shaped the teachings of the Church more than anyone besides Jesus Himself. We will get to know both his personality (sometimes a bit overwhelming, always loving) as well as his theology. This course will give students a better grasp of not only who Saint Paul is, but of the Catholic position on grace, salvation, and the mystical Body of Christ, and will equip them to better live and defend their faith through the great Saint Paul.


Week One – Meeting Saint Paul
Week Two – Gracing the Galatians
Week Three – Thinking Through the End Times with the Thessalonians
Week Four – Correcting the Corinthians
Week Five – The Captivated Colossians
Week Six – Correcting the Corinthians a Second Time
Week Seven – Entering Ephesus
Week Eight – Reaching Out to the Romans
Week Nine – Still Reaching Out to the Romans
Week Ten – The Faithful Philippians
Week Eleven – Review Part 1
Week Twelve – Review Part 2 and Final Exam

Materials and Homework

Course materials:
Catholic Bible
Other reading selections will be provided free by the instructor

Weekly Readings and Quizzes
Possible Supplemental Lectures
Final Exam
Paper Project. This will be a 2- to 3-page paper on an aspect of Saint Paul’s teaching that is not well known by Catholics.
(Estimated 20 – 30 minutes of homework each week, not including work on the paper.)

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