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The Old World and America

Using Bishop Furlong’s popular Catholic text, enjoy learning world history from the beginnings of civilization to the beginnings of the New World.

Total classes: 14

Prerequisite: None

Suggested grade level: 6th to 8th grade (Note: Adjustments can be made to assignments in order to accommodate high school students.)

Suggested credit: One full semester European or World History


Using Philip Furlong’s The Old World and America as a framework and guide, this course roughly traces the course of Western Civilization from its origins (the East, the Ancient Greeks, and Romans), up through the English foundations of America. This includes the establishment of the Church, the Feudal period, and the political philosophy of John Locke. This course is an excellent precursor to Our Pioneers and Patriots, taught the following semester.


Class 1: Introduction and overview of syllabus and assignments

Class 2: The Beginnings of Civilization

Class 3: Our Debt to the Greeks

Class 4: Contributions of Rome to Civilization

Class 5: Christ and His Church

Class 6: The Triumph of the Church

Class 7: The People of the Middle Ages

Class 8: The Ideals of the Middle Ages

Class 9: The Age of New Interests

Class 10: The Age of Change

Class 11: The Age of Discovery

Class 12: Spain’s World Empire

Class 13: Rivalries in Europe

Class 14: The Foundations of America

Materials and Homework

Course Materials: Bishop Furlong’s The Old World and America, ISBN-10: 0895552027, ISBN-13: 978-0895552020 (https://amzn.to/3b5zTCf or bookfinder.com).


Selections from each unit of Furlong, approximately 15 pages per week of reading.

NOTE: High school students taking this course will have heavier reading loads.

Writing is an integral part of demonstrating both the assimilation of knowledge and the articulation thereof. Therefore, students will be guided through the process of writing a short (1-2 page, double-spaced) review of a book of their choice relevant to the subject matter.

NOTE: High school students taking this class must instead write a 3- to the 5-page book report.

Weekly, optional review quizzes based on classroom lectures and discussions. Worth bonus points.

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