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Shaking Up Shakespeare

Get excited about Shakespeare in this dynamic introduction to one of the most celebrated writers of history, as stage actor Kevin O’Brien comes to class dressed as a Shakespearean character to get your student delighted with learning each week.

Total classes: 6

Prerequisite: None

Suggested grade level: 6th to 8th

Suggested credit: 1/2 semester English or Composition


How can Middle School students start to understand or appreciate Shakespeare when he’s too hard for most college students and adults? Easy! In this class, professional actor Kevin O’Brien will present snippets from a variety of Shakespeare’s plays and poems which he will perform in class and explain to the students. And he will do so as characters from Shakespeare’s plays! A more fun introduction to Shakespeare will never exist!


1. Introduction – As the Globe Turns Act One

2. As the Globe Turns Act Two

3. Finishing up As the Globe Turns

4. Benedick talks about Much Ado about Nothing.

5. Marc Antony talks about Julius Caesar.

6. Tony & Maria as Romeo and Juliet in West Side Story

Materials and Homework

Course materials: Free PDF files and links to websites provided by the Instructor.

Homework: Writing assignments every other week, plus occasional readings from PDF files provided FREE by the Instructor. This will probably average about two hours worth of homework each week.

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