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Shakespeare and Richard II

Learn Shakespeare’s masterpiece, Richard II — and delve into a famous story of the nature of authority as it affects man, the medieval culture, and the Magna Carta’s birth with beautiful poetry and non-stop action.

Total classes: 6

Prerequisite: None

Suggested grade level: 9th to 12th

Suggested credit: 1/2 Semester English. For a full semester add another course


Richard II is Shakespeare’s story of the nature of authority. Set in the 14th Century, Richard’s weakness as a ruler leads to civil unrest in England. The play examines the questions, “What do we do when we have bad people ruling over us?” as well as, “How is God’s authority expressed on earth?” With beautiful poetry and non-stop action, Shakespeare paints the portrait of a sensitive and tormented man who struggles to live up to his vocation.


Class 1: Introduction

Class 2: Act One

Class 3: Act Two

Class 4: Act Three

Class 5: Act Four

Class 6: Act Five and Conclusion

Materials and Homework

Course Materials: Richard II, any notated edition. No Fear Shakespeare is a good online resource for the text and a helpful side-by-side modern paraphrase.

Homework: A close reading of each Act will probably take about an hour per week. Also, plan on occasional quizzes and a final essay.

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