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Introduction to Law: Fundamentals of the American Legal System

Gain an understanding of the American legal system and its laws from a practicing lawyer, as we are introduced to the US legal structure, the Constitution and legal rights, criminal law, torts and contracts, property and individual rights, and more.

Total classes: 9

Prerequisite: None. However, American Government is recommended

Suggested grade level: 11th to 12th

Suggested credit: 2/3 semester credit for government or law. Additional reading can be assigned by the parent for a full semester credit.


Join this introduction to the legal system that surrounds us, governs us and influences us every day — even if we’re not aware of it. In this course, you will gain a basic understanding of some fundamental concepts of the American legal system and will review some of the different areas of law.


Week 1: Foundations of the law; Separation of Powers

Week 2: The Role of the Courts; Judicial review

Week 3: Constitutional Law; the Bill of Rights; Stare Decisis

Week 4: Criminal Law

Week 5: Torts

Week 6: Torts, cont.

Week 7: Contracts

Week 8: Property

Week 9: Final Class; Major US Supreme Court cases

Materials and Homework

Course Materials: Law 101 (5th ed.) by Jay M. Feinman, https://www.textbooks.com/Law-101-5th-Edition/9780190866327/Jay-M-Feinman.php various cases; other materials found free online or as a pdf from the instructor.

Homework: One to two hours of preparatory reading and homework per week on average. Reading entails book chapters that correspond with the area of law we’re discussing. Students will brief cases and/or answer short answer questions about the readings.

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