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Human Physiology and Dignity with Lab, Part One

This challenging, college-preparatory course focuses on human physiology in the context of human dignity as taught by the Catholic Church. Fundamentals of Catholic bioethics are taught with physiology and incorporated into case studies and labs. This course is excellent preparation for anyone interested in further pursuing education in biology, medicine, or allied health.

Total classes: 29

Prerequisite: Required: High school biology. Strongly recommended: High school chemistry.

Suggested grade level: 11th to 12th grade 

Suggested credit: One full semester Honors Biology with Lab 


Students will learn about human physiology and Catholic bioethics in the context of health and disease. We will meet for 75 minutes per class, twice per week; of the 150 minutes each week, 30 minutes are for lab. An additional required 50 minutes (approximately) of weekly video lectures based on the readings are also required. The course has two one-week breaks scheduled. Class time is spent discussing the readings and video content, not lecturing, during which student participation is expected. Students will complete weekly quizzes and 2 exams. Classes during exam week are preparatory reviews. Students need to be in a distraction-free environment during all live classes and are strongly encouraged, though not required, to be on camera during discussions. Students will be required to be on camera during exams, which the instructor will monitor.


Week 1: Introduction and Chemistry Review; The Soul

Week 2: Cell Physiology; Plasma Membrane; The Human Person

Week 3: Neural and Hormonal Communication; Natural Moral Law

Week 4: Communications; Central Nervous System; Conscience

Week 5: Central Nervous System; Fonts of Action

Week 6: Peripheral Nervous system/Afferent; Fonts of Action; Certitude



Week 8: PNS/Special Senses; Ordinary and Extraordinary

Week 9: PNS/Efferent; Totality and Integrity

Week 10: Muscle Physiology; Double Effect

Week 11: Cardiac Physiology; Double Effect

Thanksgiving Break

Week 12: Blood Vessels and Blood Pressure; Cooperation with Evil

Week 13: Blood; Cooperation with Evil

Week 14: EXAM WEEK

Materials and Homework

Course materials:


Access the free Anatomy and Physiology 2e textbook at LibreText here: https://med.libretexts.org/Bookshelves/Anatomy_and_Physiology/Anatomy_and_Physiology_2e_(OpenStax)

A separate lab manual (PDF) is required. Email Dr. Correira at [email protected] to purchase. Cost is $25.

Bioethics reading will be supplied.

A working webcam is required for exams.


A physiology coloring book, such as https://amzn.to/49iZm8o

Homework: Approximately one to two hours per day outside of the live class meetings (six to ten hours per week) should be set aside for weekly reading, video lectures, quiz preparation, lab, and review.

Important Dates

Class dates: Mondays & Thursdays, August 26 to December 19, 2024. (No class Sept. 2, Oct. 14 & 17, Nov. 28, Dec. 9)

Starting time: 4:00 PM Eastern (3:00 PM Central, 2:00 PM Mountain, 1:00 PM Pacific)

Duration: 75 minutes

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