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Honors Biology with Lab Part Two

Continue your college-preparatory biology course taught within the framework of Church teachings with topics in plants, vertebrates, homeostasis, the nervous system, reproduction and development, evolution, ecosystems, and more.

Total classes: 14

Prerequisite: Honors Biology, Part One or equivalent

Suggested grade level: 11th to 12th grade or advanced 10th grade

Suggested credit: 1 full semester of Science or Honors Biology with lab


What is life? How does it work? Biology is the study of life, from its simplest forms to the most complex. In this 2-semester course we will systematically explore all aspects of life, from the chemistry of the molecular machines that work in each of our cells to the vast intricate web of interconnected species on earth. An intensive honors-level biology class for college-bound students.


Class 1: Flowering Plants and Plant Development
Class 2: Plant Transport Processes and Regulation of Growth
Class 3: Vertebrates I: Digestion
Class 4: Vertebrates II, III: Respiration and Circulation
Class 5: Homeostasis I, II Water and Temperature
Class 6: Homeostasis III Immune System; Endocrine System
Class 7: Nervous System, Sensory Perception and Motor Response
Class 8: The Vertebrate Brain
Class 9: Reproduction and Development
Class 10: Evolution and its Genetic Basis
Class 11: Natural Selection and the Origin of Species
Class 12: Hominid Evolution and the Evolution of Animal Behavior
Class 13: Population Dynamics and Communities
Class 14: Ecosystems and the Biosphere

Materials and Homework

Course Materials:

Biology 5 th Edition by Curtis and Barnes, ISBN-10: 087901394X


Lab materials: Provided by instructor plus household or commonly available items.

Homework: Expect to spend 4 hours per week on homework. Heavy reading in text and additional reading, per instructor. Weekly Quizzes, midterm/final. One 5-page paper. Lab is HIGHLY recommended.

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