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Art and Music
Gregorian Chant Camp

Enter the beautiful world of chant, where prayer and music merge into one glorious art form. Find out why Gregorian chant is so important, learn the basics of reading and singing it, and record your own performance of a traditional Latin prayer. Bring this sacred tradition from the monasteries and convents of the Middle Ages into your home and help carry on the music of the Church!

Total classes: 6

Prerequisite: Some familiarity with singing and/or reading music is preferred but not required.

Suggested grade level: 9th to 12th grade

Suggested credit: ½ semester Music or Chant


This course is a 6-session introduction covering the early history of chant, its importance in the Church & reason for preservation, use in the liturgy, basics of chant notation, and style & method of singing. Students will be instructed on reading notation, vocal techniques, and pronunciation. Students will gain knowledge of historical Catholic liturgy, including Mass texts and the Divine Office.


Day 1: Definition. Origin and early history, why chant is important and why we need to preserve it.

Day 2: Chant in the liturgy. Audio and visual examples, begin learning to read notation.

Day 3: Continuation of instruction on reading notation. Examples of simple and complex settings, discussion of style and method, singing prayerfully.

Day 4: Piece to learn is introduced and examined. Pronunciation guide, students pronounce on mic.

Day 5: Practicing reading and singing notation. (Students will be on mic.) Examples of things to watch out for in performing chant.

Day 6:  Practicing the piece to be recorded. Students on mic. Refining the method.

Materials and Homework

Course materials: Supplemental materials will be provided FREE by the instructor in the form of downloadable documents or websites.

Homework: Recordings to be listened to via our learning management system (Moodle). We will discuss the listening assignments at the beginning of each class, and participation will be factored into grading. Extra credit will be available in the form of short-answer homework on topics covered in class. Students will submit a video or audio recording of themselves singing the selected chant piece as the final assignment.

Important Dates

Class dates: Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, June 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, and 28, 2023

Starting time: 4:00 PM Eastern (3:00 Central; 2:00 Mountain; 1:00 Pacific)

Duration of each class: 75 minutes

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