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Getting to Know Your TI-84+

Did you know — a graphing calculator is an investment that a student can use year after year in high school — and throughout college? Start your upper-level math classes with ease when you take this course and learn how to use your TI-84+!

Total classes: 4

Prerequisite: High School Algebra 1 and Geometry

Suggested grade level: 10th grade and above

Suggested credit: ¼ semester credit Math Skills


Take the time to get to know the functions of your TI-84+ calculator before your upper level high-school math classes start. Learn what you need to quickly navigate the calculator for success in class and on standardized tests. The TI-84+ is the most widely used graphing calculator and is allowed on all major college entrance exams.


Class 1: Basic keys, modes, and graphing introduction

Class 2: Graphing and lists

Class 3: Statistical functions (including regression features)

Class 4: Additional features and review

Materials and Homework

Course materials: TI-84+ calculator. If you need to purchase one, Mrs. Breier recommends the TI-84+ CE, which is the color edition. The color makes graphing easier for the student (https://amzn.to/39v0Sb7). If you’d like a more budget-friendly version, the TI-84 Plus is also a good choice even though black & white (https://amzn.to/3adNBma).

Homework: Brief daily calculator assignment. Students will need to take a picture of their calculator screen to submit the assignment.

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