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Foreign Language | German
German II (Second Year German), Part Two

This semester will enhance the students’ grasp of German with a focus on reading and conversation.

Total classes: 32 grammar classes (each 55 minutes), plus 12 to 14 supplemental conversation sessions (30-minutes each)

Prerequisite: German II, Part Two

Suggested grade level: 9th to 12th

Suggested credit: One full semester credit for German or Foreign Language


This semester will enhance the students’ grasp of German with a focus on reading and conversation. The class will meet three times per week: two meetings will cover the mechanics of the language – grammar and reading – and the third hour will be devoted to conversation. The course will feature pronunciation practice, conversation, new grammar concepts and cultural trivia with an emphasis on reading comprehension this year. Students will complete regular homework, quizzes and chapter tests, dictations and two projects during the semester. We will use everything from nursery rhymes, songs, and proverbs to commercials and cartoons to aid the acquisition of this modern and living European language.


Unit 1 – The simple past tense

Unit 2 – Simple past practice

Unit 3 – Numbers, times and dates

Unit 4 – The past perfect

Unit 5 – Review, first exam

Unit 6 – The future tense

Unit 7 – Reflexive pronouns and verbs

Unit 8 – More reflexives, second exam

Unit 9 – Relative pronouns

Unit 10 – The passive voice

Unit 11 – Passive voice, continued

Unit 12 – Infinitive phrases

Unit 13 – The subjunctive mood

Unit 14 – Subjunctive II

Unit 15 – Review, third exam

Materials and Homework

Course materials:

1. German Grammar Drills, Second edition, by Ed Swick.

2. Two Klett readers from the Stadt, Land, Fluss series. These are small German chapter books to be used in addition to the grammar text. They are called Blinder Passagier and Spannende Tour im Schwarzwald, both by Andrea Maria Wagner. One can order these from the International Book Service at 1-800- 277-4247, or at [email protected].

Homework: Expect to spend least ½ hour per day on German. When not completing grammar drills or homework assignments, students should be learning vocabulary, listening online to the German news, reading and re-reading the texts given and studying for the quizzes and tests.

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