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Foreign Language | German
German I, Part One

Did you know that German has the largest number of native speakers (over 100 million) in the European Union (far more than English, Spanish, or French)? It is also the second most commonly used scientific language in the world. Join us in this course to expand your knowledge of the German language and learn how to read, write, and speak one of the greatest languages on Earth!

Total classes: 10

Duration per class: 60 minutes

Prerequisite: None

Suggested grade level: 8th to 9th grade. Upper grades may also participate if beginning German.

Suggested credit: One full semester Foreign Language


This 10-week course will introduce students to German vocabulary, grammar, and culture. The program will focus on building a solid German vocabulary and developing comprehension of the written and spoken German language. Each class will feature pronunciation practice, conversation, new grammar concepts and cultural trivia. Students will complete regular homework, quizzes and chapter tests, dictations and a short presentation at the end of the semester. To demonstrate that it is a living language, everything from nursery rhymes, songs, and proverbs to commercials and cartoons will be incorporated as learning aids.


Week 1: Introduction; German & English

Week 2: Family

Week 3: School

Week 4: Verbs

Week 5: Review

Week 6: Numbers

Week 7: Telling time

Week 8: Clothes and colors

Week 9: The verb ‘to be’

Week 10: Review

Materials and Homework

Course materials: German is Fun Book 1: Lively Lessons for Beginners by Elsie M. Szecsy, ISBN # 13619, published by Perfection Learning. (best ordered directly from the publisher – PerfectionLearning.com). 

The Everything Learning German Book with CD, second edition, by Edward Swick, MA. Published by Adams Media. *Both texts will be used for the second semester course as well.

Homework: Learning a foreign language requires regular practice. Ideally, at least half an hour per day should be spent on German, i.e., completing the grammar drills assigned, memorizing vocabulary, reading for comprehension, taking tests or quizzes, listening to online German news broadcasts, and generally becoming familiar with the language

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