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Seven Reasons to Use Homeschool Connections Grade School Program

Searching for the best Catholic homeschool grade school program?

Did you know that Homeschool Connections offers an elementary-age program tailored to Catholic homeschooled children in grades 3 through 6? The Homeschool Connections Grade School Program grew out of a shared desire of co-founder Maureen Wittmann and me to offer HSC families a learning program for their younger family members that could be family-centered and reliant upon excellent literature as a foundation. 

This program began in 2018 with the development and live instruction of a 4-year cycle of the Multi-Subject Grade School Unit Study, which has as its spine Phillip Campbell’s Story of Civilization series of narrative history. In addition, each year of the 4-year Unit Study includes complementary studies of science, art, literature, saints, Greek and Latin roots, and poetry.  

Today, in its sixth year, the Grade School Program at Homeschool Connections offers a variety of courses in addition to the Multi-Subject Unit Study series. Grade School students can also take classes in Creative Writing, Art History and Discovery, Historical Fiction Novels, Latin, and German. 

Let’s examine seven reasons why you should consider Homeschool Connections’ Grade School program for your elementary-age children!

1. Fabulous Continuity in the Study of History

The program utilizes Phillip Campbell’s four-volume Story of Civilization series. This four-year cycle of courses spends one full school year on each of the following history studies: the Ancient Era, the Medieval Era, the Modern Era, and US History. Each year lays the groundwork for the next, and each subsequent era builds on the concepts of the previous. However, families can join anytime and take the unit study courses in order. 

2. Stop the Blizzard!

Homeschooling can seem like a blizzard of obligations, especially during the elementary years. However, with the HSC Grade School program, there are no more blizzards of being overwhelmed. Weekly lesson plans are created for parents, which include all readings, assignments, quizzes, and suggestions for family involvement. Print out the new checklist, schedule, and project description each week. Independent students can easily track their own progress.

3. Whole Family Learning

Say goodbye to different stacks of books for each of your elementary-aged children in different grades—as well as high costs! Use our literature-based curriculum for all your young students up through sixth (or even seventh) grade. Do the reading as a family. Read aloud or have older children read to younger children. The enrolled child(ren) can participate in the live class and submit assignments. Non-enrolled siblings can learn by watching the live class alongside their siblings and taking all course quizzes. Non-enrolled students can submit assignments to a parent.

4. Cover Multiple Subjects in One Synthesized Course

With the Grade School program, you don’t need to worry about different classes for a multitude of subjects. Our lesson plans include instructions and assignments for history, art, literature, science, Greek and Latin root studies, saint studies, and creative writing, all bundled together in a single comprehensive course. Parents can have students in different grades complete assignments at different levels. We recommend that parents supplement the Unit Study with skill courses specific to each child’s needs in math, writing, grammar, and foreign language.

5. Literature, Charlotte Mason, and Engaging Discussions

Our program draws upon a rich trove of literature, including many classics, and assignments include a Charlotte Mason Book of Centuries project. Students also work all year on a Science Journal. Engaging discussions will come alive while reading our engaging literature selections as a family. Students carry their reflections into the weekly live class and share them with their peers.

6. Save Money and Build a Home Library

Every book in our program will earn an honored place in your home library because we utilize only timeless works of the highest quality that your family will want to read repeatedly. As a minimum, you can enroll one student in a live class and purchase one set of non-consumable books to educate your group of elementary students. Hence, the cost of educating your family of elementary students is comparatively low. Because our book selections are high quality and timeless, they are widely available with many options for purchasing used. 

7. Utilize the Grade School Courses in our Recorded Library for Cost Saving and Flexibility

All of our Grade School courses, including our 4-year Multi-Subject Unit Study courses, are available as live or recorded courses. Families that subscribe to HSC’s Unlimited Access Library can access all documents, quizzes, assignment descriptions, and recordings of the live classes. This allows for the greatest cost savings and flexibility for the timeline of the course.


Please visit the Homeschool Connections Grade School webpage for more information. You can sign up for a LIVE Open House to get your questions answered or email us at [email protected].

How have you tackled grade school lessons in your homeschool? Join me and other homeschooling parents at our Homeschool Connections Community or our Facebook group. We’d love to hear about your favorite homeschool ideas or answer your questions!

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