Adding Online Classes to Your Homeschool Program

Do you use a full-service homeschool program such as Seton Home Study School, Kolbe Academy, or Mother of Divine Grace? Do you supplement or tweak the program to fit into your family dynamic? If so, and if you want to use online classes to do that, Homeschool Connections is an easy fit.

Many families who are signed up with full-service homeschool programs (AKA home study schools) use Homeschool Connections’ courses to supplement their program.

Just a few examples we’ve seen:

  • A Seton student who needs extra help with math. Seton uses Saxon Math and we offer both live, interactive and recorded, independent-learning (with Instructor Access) Saxon Math courses.
  • A Kolbe student who would like to enhance their literature studies. Dr. Henry Russell, who also created the Shakespeare Audio Series for Kolbe Academy, offers many literature courses that fit well into Kolbe’s curriculum.
  • A Mother of Divine Grace student who would like to take a course not offered elsewhere such as American Sign Language or Spaceflight Science.
  • A Queen of Heaven student who would like to improve his test prep and study skills. We offer courses such as ACT / SAT Test Prep and How to Be An Excellent Student.

Homeschool Connections is a great option when you need

  • a course that is not offered by your home study school.
  • a subject offered by your home study school but with a different textbook.
  • extra help with a specific subject.
  • to save money on online courses.

If you would like your Homeschool Connections courses recorded on your home study school transcript, make sure to have courses approved by the program counselor or advisor before registering. This is usually a very easy process. Most full homeschool programs offer such flexibility as they recognize that every student is different and some may need outside help.

We suggest going to our course catalog where you can copy and paste the course details. Then you’ll be able to share those details with your home study school. The catalog can be viewed online or downloaded to your computer.

If there is a course you would like to have your child take but cannot get approval from the school, then you can issue a separate transcript. We provide a template and sample homeschool transcript for you (Free Homeschool Forms)

Homeschool Connections is designed to meet you where you are and give you the tools you need to successfully educate your children at home. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or need assistance.

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