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The Lives of the Saints: History in a Minute [Videos]

History in a Minute Video Series

Catholic Saints Episodes

History is the accounting of everything mankind has accomplished throughout time. It is central to all of the other academic pursuits as it ties them together, including the subject of religion. Without God there is no history. He is, after all, the Creator.

In history studies, you can discuss the religious beliefs of specific eras and places. How are those beliefs similar or different from the culture we live in today? What impact do religious beliefs play in historical events (or today’s events)?

Most importantly, as homeschoolers we can talk about how our children, as individuals, can impact history as children of God. A study of the saints shows us how even the most simple of human beings can change the course of history.

Saint stories are not mere stories to entertain. They are not mere myths to teach lessons to. The saints were real, historical persons who affected world events.

Therefore, Homeschool Connections video project, History in a Minute, often includes Catholic saints as topics. They are blended within other videos on such topics as man-made disasters, politics, and archeology. Here are the Top-Ten most popular History in a Minutes videos of all time.

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St. Francis Assisi

St. Aubert

St. Arnold, Patron Saint of Beer

St. Drogo, Patron Saint of Coffee

St. Triduana of Scotland

St. Charles Borromeo

We hope you enjoyed these videos and that they are useful to your family and your homeschool. Let us know in the comments if you have suggestions for future History in a Minute topics.

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