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Top Ten History in a Minute Videos

For several years Phillip Campbell has been producing “History in a Minute” videos for the Homeschool Connections YouTube channel. If you’ve never watched “History in a Minute”, you should definitely check out the “History in a Minute” playlist on our channel. Mr. Campbell, our “bearded, nerdy history guru,” delivers informative nuggets of knowledge on subjects as diverse as the origin of zip codes, why we high five, and history of popular candy bars.

In this post we bring you a countdown of the top ten History in a Minute videos of all time by views!

10. Who is the Jack in the Deck of Cards?

Who is the enigmatic Jack in the deck of cards? Is he supposed to be anyone particular? Why is his name Jack? Coming in at number ten with 5,464 views is “Who is the Jack in the Deck of Cards?” Learn the answers in the video!


9. Was Sir Francis Drake a Pirate?

Surely you’ve heard of Sir Francis Drake. To the English, he was a national hero. But his opponents characterized him as a pirate. What’s the real story with Sir Francis Drake? Learn the facts in “Was Sir Francis Drake a Pirate?”, our number 9 video with 5,666 views.


8. The Origin of Sunday School

In Jesus’ day, there was no Sunday school. But fast forward to modern times, and Sunday school is a staple of church programs across every Christian denomination. Where along the way did we pick up Sunday school? Who came up with it, and when? Number 8 with 5,900 views is “The Origin of Sunday School.”


7. What is the Oldest Complete Biblical Manuscript?

Our seventh place video is “What is the Oldest Biblical Manuscript?” with 5,951 views. How old is the oldest text we have of the Old and New Testaments?


6. History of Dr. Pepper

Moving up to number 6 is a video about a subject that holds a special place in Mr. Campbell’s heart: the history of his favorite beverage, Dr. Pepper. With 8,162 views, this is Mr. Campbell’s most popular video about a food or beverage. Check it out to see why!


5. How Did Starlings Get to America?

Do you know what a starling is? They are one of the most common birds in the United States. Amazingly though, they are not native to the America. In our number 5 video with 8,235 views, Mr. Campbell explains the wild story of how, when, and why this bird was introduced.


4. History of the Chihuahua

Coming in at number 4 with 8,371 views is Mr. Campbell’s video “The History of the Chihuahua.” Such a weird name…such a weird little dog! Who wouldn’t want to learn about their backstory?


3. The First Recorded Battle in History

If you study history, you are inevitably going to read about lots of battles. Sometimes it seems like history is nothing but battles! But of all these battles, which won was the first to ever been written about? Our third place video with 8,825 views is “The First Recorded Battle in History.”


2. The History of Pugs

How interesting that two of the top ten videos have to do with dogs! Our second place video with a whopping 24,660 views is “The History of Pugs.” This video is notable for also being the very first “History in a Minute” video Mr. Campbell ever made!

1. The Gordian Knot

And finally…our most popular video of all time, coming in at 41,445 views—the history of the Gordian Knot. The tale of the Gordian Knot is one of the most well-known and humorous stories from the life of Alexander the Great. But what was the Gordian Knot exactly? Watch the video to learn more!

What’s your favorite “History in a Minute” video? What subjects would you like to see Mr. Campbell do episodes on? Visit us and let us know in the Homeschool Connections Community!

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