History Posts
Sep 18, 2023

Building Historical Consciousness in Young Children

Before children can populate their imagination with all the wonderful characters and stories of history, they need to develop a historical consciousness.
Sep 14, 2023

Phillip Campbell Webinar: Medieval Cosmology

If you are doing medieval history this year, you might want to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to enrich your history education!
Sep 12, 2023

How Do I Write a History Essay?

I don’t know how to write a history paper. I’m honestly not sure what I want to say and how to properly research and write it. I don’t really know what the steps are when writing something like this.
Sep 05, 2023

High School Must-Reads for Medieval Literature

The culture of the Middle Ages provides a rich treasure trove of literature soaked in Christian themes ideal for a Catholic homeschool. In this post,
Aug 24, 2023

A New Irish History Textbook is in the Works…

Why write a history textbook on Ireland? The real question is, why not Ireland?
Jul 24, 2023

Why Study the History of the Middle East?

For many Westerners, the geopolitics of the Middle East is a hopelessly confusing quagmire that defies understanding.

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