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Hi, We’re Walter and Maureen –
And if you’re looking for the #1 online courses that received the top rating from thousands of homeschoolers who just finished voting for their favorites – look no further!
We’re so pleased to announce that Homeschool Connections was awarded First Place in the 2019 Practical Homeschooling i-Learn Awards for Online Academies.

“As I type this, I feel so joyful when I recall what a blessing it has been to have had access Homeschool Connections over the years! Your group has been a tremendously valuable resource for me as a teacher, and for my children in their studies.”  ~ Jennifer D. (parent)


Homeschool Connections
And that’s not all…Homeschool Connections was also awarded First Place for High School Core Curriculum and Second Place for Middle School Core Curriculum. In fact, this is the fourth year in a row that Homeschool Connections placed high in the i-Learn Awards – because, honestly, parents get excited about excellence and like to tell others about it.

“I am referring everyone to Homeschool Connections – the instructors are excellent! I am learning along with them. Makes me want to go back to school!”  ~ Rachel M. (parent)

So why do so many fellow homeschoolers find us to be a comfortable, convenient way to add a wealth of courses to their students’ education?
Here’s why: Excellent choice, top-tier experts, and crazy-good savings.
With over 400 “Unlimited Access” recorded online courses in all learning areas to choose from, teens learn with top-tier world experts – professionals (such as a NASA engineer and best-selling authors and speakers) and university-level professors (the best in the field). And these courses are here for you at the super affordable price of only $30 a month for all 400+ recorded courses.
You read that right – Unlimited Access to 400+ full courses is only $30 a month!
Online Courses

“Thank you so much for Homeschool Connections! There just isn’t anything else like it. I’m always excited to see what new courses will be offered next!”  ~ Alison (high school student)

“I really look forward to the days I have classes with you!!! I love Homeschool Connections!! Thank you! I LOVE taking classes here!”  ~ Hannah (middle school student)

And if you want your student to learn in a LIVE online class with others, then choose from the nearly-200 LIVE courses meeting weekly online in the fall, spring, and summer semesters – again, in all key subject areas like math, science, writing, history, literature, and more. You can get one course or sculpt an entire schedule for your teen – you get to choose what works best for your family.
Because we believe that you, parents, are the best judge of your teen’s strengths and weaknesses – and you’re able to skillfully put together learning that exactly meets your teen’s needs – we trust that if you get an abundance of amazing choices for your teen, you’ll choose well. Here’s the page where you can look at the choices:
It’s important to know that we’re a faith-based Catholic company and students come from all over the nation and world to learn together here. Faith-filled families enjoy learning from the experts – because it’s easy to find the courses that are a perfect fit and learn in a safe, intelligent space that honors Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and is faithful to the Magisterium.

“We want to send a huge thank you to the wonderful staff and exceptional teachers my daughter was blessed to have guided her for the better part of the last three years at Homeschool Connections. Your class topics and content was a true Godsend for us!  Thank you for the gap you all filled so abundantly in my daughter’s educational and spiritual growth!”  ~ Sarah B. (parent)

“We are a non-Catholic family using Homeschool Connections and chose HSC because I wanted my children to have a good Christian-centered on-line program…This program fits well into our Christian beliefs and my teens really enjoy the recorded courses!”  ~ Tonya H. (parent)

This is all about supporting you and your homeschooling. So we have dozens of free gifts for you at the website – including free recordings of webinars, materials downloads, and more. To start you off, here’s a free homeschool planner – simply click on this link to get it …
Finally, if you ever have a question about a specific course, how Unlimited Access or a LIVE course works, or anything else to help your family and your teen, we’re here for you. You can get direct answers right away by emailing [email protected] — or call us toll free at 1-888-372-4757 and speak with someone directly.
Getting what you need is easy, and we’re here to help. God bless you and your homeschooling, and we hope to see you soon!
Walter Crawford

Maureen Wittmann

Walter Crawford & Maureen Wittmann
Homeschool Connections
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