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5 Reading Journals

I like to give high school students a reading journal or diary to record their favorite books. (Such as this one at Amazon – affiliate link.) Not just my own teens, but the teens in the high school book club I’ve led for more than a decade. Even after they grow into adults and move out of their parents’ houses, some continue to keep their journals up to date. It’s a great habit that encourages reading for enjoyment.

Keeping a reading journal helps you recall which books and authors you love, as well as hate. It’s great to pull out when talking books with friends or when you’re trying to decide what to read next. Like any diary, it’s fun to go back years later and see what you were doing then.

I have created several templates so you can create a homemade reading journal. They can be downloaded here: Free Homeschool Planning Forms. Scroll down to “For the Love of Literature Resources.”

You can choose the journal that works best for your child’s grade level. Print out on three-hole-punched paper to keep in a binder. Children can then fill in the blanks as they read new books. I also suggest having children decorate the binder so that it’s something that begs to be read.

Additionally, this little tool will help you with your record-keeping and planning.

Note: There are many other free homeschool forms for you at the link above.


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