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Jun 04, 2024

Homeschooling High School When Your Teen is Unsure About Their Future

My teen has no idea what she wants to do after high school. How do I plan a curriculum? Don't worry—you got this!
Apr 02, 2024

Seven Tips if Your Child Falls Behind in Homeschooling

Before you assume that your child is behind, step back and assess the situation. Homeschooling is all about customizing educational opportunities to fit your family's vision.
Mar 26, 2024

How to Schedule Your Homeschooling Day: Three Samples

What should your homeschooling day actually look like? When should the kids be up? How should classes be structured? How engaged should Mom and Dad be in the daily grind of home education?
Aug 23, 2023

Four Tips to Improve Homeschool Grades

There's a lot more to getting good grades than merely knowing the content.
May 19, 2023

This is Why Homeschooling Takes Less Time

Don't think in terms of "How long is the school day?" Rather, think about time on task.
Apr 24, 2023

Homeschool Time Management

These tips should give you a firm foundation in time management. As a homeschool family, you really don’t have an option here: you must master time management to do home education successfully.

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