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Recorded HS
U.S. Citizenship and Civics

Join this timely and dynamic upper-level civics course covering history, government, politics, law, economics, and more — for a broad yet compelling overview helping your student fully understand the US government and elections this year. This course meets many American Government course requirements.

Total classes: 11

Prerequisite: None

Suggested grade level: 11th to 12th

Suggested credit: 1 full semester Government or Civics. Follow with Introduction to Law in the spring for additional credit


This upper-level high school course is an introduction to all things “civics.” Immigrants to the United States need to pass a test to become citizens — and we tend to take our American civic knowledge for granted. Through this course, help your student “cover a little bit of everything” in what is needed for civics intelligence — including history, government, politics, law, and economics. (Check out the course outline below for detailed course topics covered!) Together, these topics give a frame of reference to understand this “experiment in ordered liberty” that we call America.


Class 1 – Introduction

Introduction to class and overview

INS Civics exam

Class 2 – Political theory/history

INS exams

Define “law” – ask for their definitions, parse Aquinas’ definition

Review Aquinas’ 6 forms of government.

English Common Law

The concept of “rights” in society – the Western tradition vs. non-Western traditions

Magna Carta – http://www.constitution.org/eng/magnacar.htm

The Rule of Law

Class 3 – History

Declaration of Independence

The cost; What happened to the Signers? Sacrifice

Why write a declaration at all? Why not just revolt? Answer: Justification

Class 4 – History

Characteristics of the various state governments:

Popular sovereignty – the final political authority rests with the people/voters

Limited government – the Federal govt only had the power granted to it by the Constitution & the people

Separation of Power/checks and balances – 3 branches with different roles

Franchisement – broader than in any other country in the world at that time

The Articles of Confederation

Class 5 – History / Government

In-class discussion/debate on Bill of Rights (Alien exercise)

Federalist 1 and 51

Diffusion of Power:

Separation of powers; checks & balances. How practically does it work?

Federal vs. States’ rights

Class 6 – History/Government

The US Constitution:

Who refused to sign the final form of the Constitution and why?

Powers of Congress – express power & implied powers (Necessary & proper clause)

Class 7 – America Grows / Modern political scene

Major historical events in America’s development

Election – what is the electoral map looking like?

What are the projected battleground/swing states?

The 2-party system – good or bad?

Class 8 – America Grows (cont.)

Discuss: Federal Reserve; Electoral College; Confirmation Bias; Democratic Socialism

Class 9 – Election Post-mortem

Discuss the results of Tuesday’s Elections: national, state and local. What happened in your district? What are the likely implications?

Class 10 – Economics

Discuss “I, Pencil”

Free market capitalism

Class 11 – Economics

Discuss “The Unfreedom of the Free Market”

Does the State have a role to play in the economic welfare of its citizens? Is free-market capitalism really the moral thing to do?

Materials and Homework

Course Materials: All course materials are provided free by the instructor: “I Pencil” essay; INS exam; Federalist 1 and 52; Magna Carta: Declaration of Independence; U.S. Constitution, including the amendments; and other readings.

Homework: Expect to spend approximately one to two hours weekly current-events reports (most weeks) plus a five to six-page paper at the end of the course. Graded by the instructor.

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