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The Most Ancient Game: Intermediate Chess

If your students enjoyed having an Introduction to Chess, let them dive deeper and learn more complicated chess theory and practices! For both middle and high school students.

Total classes: 6

Prerequisite: The Most Ancient Game: An Introduction to Chess

Suggested grade level: 7th to 12th

Suggested credit: ½ semester Chess, Math, or Logic


If your students enjoyed learning the basics of chess in my Chess Introduction course, they will enjoy taking things a step deeper in the chess world. This will teach them to anticipate potential problems, how to focus & concentrate, visualize a sequence of actions, weigh options, and understand actions have consequences.


Class 1: The 5 Main Objectives of Chess

Class 2: Material advantage in chess

Class 3: Piece-activity and development

Class 4: Control the Center

Class 5: Keep the king safe & Pawn Structure

Class 6: How to evaluate a chess position

Materials and Homework

Course materials: A chess set is advised, but not required.

Homework: Students will complete simple chess puzzles and practice games to cement lessons between classes. Expect to spend approximately 30 minutes per lesson, with optional work that can take an additional 30 minutes.

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