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The City of God: The High Middle Ages

Join this in-depth study of the High Middle Ages and medieval civilization’s politics, ideology, art, and literature during 8th through 13th centuries. (If you have younger students, this course fits perfectly with the Homeschool Connections Grade School Unit Study Program for grades 3-6.)

Total classes: 13

Prerequisite: None, but “Age of Faith” is recommended (Fall 2020)

Suggested grade level: One full semester Medieval or World History


“The City of God: the High Middle Ages” is the continuation of “Age of Faith.” This course will give students an extremely in-depth study of the full flowering of medieval civilization during the period known as the High Middle Ages. Our class will study the politics, ideology, art, and literature of medieval Europe from the 8th-13th centuries.


Week 1: Survey of 8th Century Europe

Week 2: The Glory of Charlemagne

Week 3: The Fury of the Northmen

Week 4: Alfred the Great

Week 5: The Normans and Feudalism

Week 6: Norman England

Week 7: The Holy Roman Empire

Week 8: The Investiture Controversy

Week 9: Gothic Architecture

Week 10: Medieval Literature

Week 11: The Crusading Movement

Week 12: The Consolidation of France

Week 13: Papal Supremacy

Materials and Homework

Course Materials: All course materials provided free by the instructor.

Homework: Homework will consist of readings and automated online quizzes. Estimated homework commitment per week is 2 hours.

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