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The Chronicles of Narnia, Part Two (Middle School)

Learn about all seven books of Narnia over the school year! Using the well-known classic series, join in to learn the symbolism, Christian themes, and dramatic storytelling that makes this series loved by so many across the world.

Total classes: 12

Prerequisite: None

Suggested grade level: 6th to 8th

Suggested credit: One full semester Literature, Language Arts, or English


This is a continuation of The Chronicles of Narnia- Part One, which is a prerequisite for this course unless arrangements have been made with the instructor. The Chronicles of Narnia is a masterpiece of Christian children’s literature. We will read all seven books in the series over a two-semester period, discovering the Christian themes and examining character development and symbolism. This will be an exciting class with fun reading that will strengthen your faith!

NOTES: This is Part Two of a 2-part course. Part One is a required prerequisite.


The Silver Chair – Chapters 1-8 (double reading during Christmas break)

The Silver Chair – Chapters 9-12

The Silver Chair – Chapters 13-16

The Horse and his Boy – Chapters 1-5

The Horse and his Boy – Chapters 6-10

The Horse and his Boy – Chapters 11-15

The Magician’s Nephew – Chapters 1-5

The Magician’s Nephew – Chapters 6-10

The Magician’s Nephew – Chapters 11-15

The Last Battle – Chapters 1-4

The Last Battle – Chapters 5-8

The Last Battle – Chapters 9-16

Materials and Homework

Course Materials: The Chronicles of Narnia, any edition

Homework: Four to five chapters of each book will be read per week and discussed in class the following week. There will be a weekly quiz to make sure students are keeping up with the reading. The reading should take no more than two hours per week.

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