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Revolution: The Progress of Liberalism

Embark on a captivating intellectual journey in this thought-provoking exploration. Students will delve into the minds of influential philosophers from Ockham to Kant, examining their ideas through the lens of Christian revelation. This unique blend of philosophy and history fosters a deep understanding of the interconnectedness between the philosophical foundations of modernity and today’s world, ensuring students develop critical thinking skills rooted in their Catholic faith.

Total classes: 14

Prerequisite: None, but Early Modern European History and Modern European History are helpful (available through Unlimited Access).

Suggested grade level: 11th to 12th

Suggested credit: 1 full semester World History or Philosophy


Part philosophy, part history, this course will introduce students to the most influential thinkers and philosophical systems of modernity. The course will evaluate each system in light of Christian revelation and help students see the connection between these philosophies and the contemporary world.


Week 1) Ockham & Nominalism

Week 2) Bacon & Hobbes

Week 3) Descartes

Week 4) Rationalism

Week 5) Masonry & The Enlightenment

Week 6) Kantian Idealism

Week 7) Age of Revolution

Week 8) Romanticism

Week 9) Hegelian Dialectic

Week 10) Communism and the Spirit of 48′

Week 11) Modernism & Catholic Liberalism

Week 12) Russian Revolution

Week 13) Sexual Revolution

Week 14) The New Atheism

Materials and Homework

Course Materials: All materials are provided FREE by the instructor.

Homework: Primary source readings provided by the instructor with short answer questions and weekly quizzes (automated for immediate feedback). Expect to spend approximately 3 hours per week on homework outside of class.

Important Dates

Class Dates: Tuesdays, September 3 to December 17, 2024 (No class Oct. 22 & Nov. 26)

Starting Time: 4:00 PM Eastern (3:00 PM Central; 2:00 PM Mountain; 1:00 PM Pacific)

Duration: 55 minutes

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