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Photography Bootcamp

Would you like to take your photography to the next level? Sign up for this course today to learn all about shooting using a manual camera. Together, we will discover how to find good lighting, composition, and how to pose.

Number of class meetings: 7

Duration of each class: 55 minutes

Prerequisite: None

Suggested grade level: 9th to 12th grade

Suggested credit: ½ semester Photography


During this photography bootcamp course, you will learn all the photography basics! You will learn how to take excellent photographs in camera (without editing/post-production), how to shoot in manual, how to find good lighting, and how to pose your subjects!


Class I – What is photography & why it’s important
Class II – How to shoot in manual, the exposure triangle
Class III – Lighting
Class IV – Storytelling within Photography & Class Critique I of Images
Class V – Composition/Rule of Thirds
Class VI – Posing I
Class VII – How to start a photography business & Class Critique II of Images

Materials and Homework

Course materials: Students are required to have a camera that has a manual (“M”) setting. Students may not use smartphones as their camera. The Canon Rebel Series are older DSLRs that you can find used online inexpensively. You can also reach out to family/friends to see if you can borrow a DSLR from them for this class.

Homework: There will be 3 quizzes (after Classes II, III,  and V). There will also be a photography “challenge/assignment” after each class. Students will be required to upload 2-5 pictures (depending on the assignment). Students can expect homework to take approximately 30-45 minutes after each class.

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