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Numbers Party I

Get excited about math with Dr. Correira — and discover how math can be fun, exciting, and full of surprises! Instead of apprehension, help give your student an attitude of positive anticipation for future math lessons when you join this course.

Total classes: 8

Prerequisite: 55 minutes

Suggested grade level: 6th – 8th 

Suggested credit: ½ semester Math enrichment


Dr. Correira is inviting you to a theme party—and the theme is numbers! Your host has a series of party games that involve interesting forms and uses of numbers. Just be sure to bring the needed supplies to the party!


Day 1 & 2: Party game 1—Roman Numerals (a deeper appreciation of place value)

Day 3 & 4: Party game 2—Roll the Dice (probability and histograms)

Day 5 & 6: Party game 3—Solomon Grundy (finite numbering systems)

Day 7 & 8: Party game 4—Off and On (binary numbers, measurement, computers)

Materials and Homework

Course materials:

Paper—plain, graph, and index cards.

Pencils—plain and colored (or fine markers of different colors).

Marker—a thick one.


Dice, 2 six-sided preferable of different colors. (OPTIONAL – pairs of other polyhedral dice).

Print outs of provided material, some that have to be cut out before class.

Homework: No homework!

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