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Middle School Geography, Part Two

Join this world geography course to learn the world’ countries and capitals and increase your student’s understanding of places in history (and navigation skills!).

Total Classes: 13

Duration: 55 minutes

Prerequisite: Middle School Geography, Part One, or equivalent

Suggested Grade Level: 6th to 8th grade

Suggested Credit: One full semester Geography


We will apply two Practical Applications: First: As our world gets smaller because of rapid communication and travel, it is becoming more necessary to know our global neighbors, but before we can know them we must have a basic familiarity with where we are talking about. Second: Students in middle school are beginning to study history. While many of the stories in history are exciting on their own, it is impossible to advance in history without a basic knowledge of geography. Interesting facts about most places will be discussed to help the students ground themselves more into the areas that we will study.

OUR ULTIMATE GOAL: Memorize all of the states and capitals of the United States. Then memorize all of the countries and capitals of the world. We will also be looking at all of the continents, major mountain ranges, and rivers of the world.


Class 1 – Middle East Part 1
Class 2 – Middle East Part 2
Class 3 – Central Asia – Mongolia to Bangladesh
Class 4 – South East Asia – Myanmar to Indonesia
Class 5 – North Korea to East Timor
Class 6 – REVIEW
Class 7 – Australia to Oceania
Class 8 – Northern Africa
Class 9 – Western Africa
Class 10 – Central Africa
Class 11 – Eastern Africa
Class 12 – Southern Africa
Class 13 – REVIEW

Materials and Homework

Course Materials: Geography Coloring Book (3rd Edition) by Wynn Kapit, Krishnan Namboodiri Paperback, 208 Pages, Published 2002, ISBN-13: 978-0131014725 (https://amzn.to/3aIKKly or bookfinder.com). Musical videos, created by the instructor, are provided free as a memorization tool.

Homework: Homework will include: Daily reading & studying for 10-15 minutes, completing coloring pages in text, and online quizzes for immediate feedback.

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