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Recorded HS
LAB for Biology, Part One

Join this optional accompanying lab for High School Biology with Dr. Hamilton, with video meetings on osmosis, fermentation, mitosis, genetics, and more.

Total classes: 7

Prerequisite: None

Suggested grade level: 9th to 12th

Suggested credit: One full semester Biology Lab


There will be 6 labs that are explicitly aligned with the Biology Part One classes. Biology Part One Labs are to be performed with minimum equipment and will consist of common household supplies. A list provided in the syllabus.


Week 5 – Osmosis Lab – In this investigation, we will use a hen’s fresh egg to determine what happens during osmosis and diffusion across membranes.

Week 7 – Fermentation – We will set up a fermentation in a closed system and capture the generated carbon dioxide to carbonate root beer.

Week 8 – Mitosis Flip Book – We are drawing our own, moving cell division!

Week 9 – Punnett Square – Applying our knowledge of phenotypes and genotypes to complete a worksheet.

Week 10 – Genetic Match – Students will determine the presence of certain high-frequency traits in themselves and their family members.

Week 11 – DNA Extraction – We will be creating a mixture to extract DNA from a strawberry!

Week 13 – M&M Lab – Activity to simulate the process of radioactive decay and to illustrate the concept of half-life.

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