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Introduction to Gilbert Keith Chesterton

Register for this course to meet the “real” GK Chesterton and learn from one of the greatest Catholic minds of modern times. In this Chesterton primer, we will study how his work speaks to us today and what we can glean from his sense of wonder and joy.

Total Classes: 6

Duration: 55 minutes

Prerequisite: None

Suggested Grade Level: 9th to 12th grade


There is currently an investigation into opening the cause for G. K. Chesterton’s sainthood. He has been credited with the conversion of many of today’s Catholic leaders, including Homeschool Connections’ Joseph Pearce, Kevin O’Brien, and most famously Dale Ahlquist. What is it about Gilbert Keith Chesterton’s writing that leads people to the Catholic Church?

In this six-week course, the instructor will take students deep into the life of this literary giant and provide a solid foundation for delving into his writings. It is recommended that students continue to read Chesterton’s writings once this course is completed as well as check out all of the other Homeschool Connections Chesterton courses (What’s Wrong with the World, Everlasting Man, etc.)

  1. Chesterton’s youth and young manhood

  2. Chesterton’s early writings, 1901-1912

  3. Chesterton and World War I

  4. Chesterton and America

  5. Chesterton and his conversion

  6. Chesterton’s later writings and distributism

Materials and Homework

Course Materials: Wisdom and Innocence: A Life of G.K. Chesterton by Joseph Pearce [Ignatius Press] (ISBN-10: 1621640558 / ISBN-13: 978-1621640554). Available from ignatius.com, your favorite Catholic bookseller, or bookfinder.com.

Homework: Reading and quizzes after each class (automated for immediate feedback). Expect reading, studying, and quizzes to take approximately two to three hours per week outside of class. There will be two optional writing assignments of 500-600 words each for those who would like to go the extra mile.

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