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Art and Music
Intermediate Drawing with Art Theory

Continue learning to draw with the strongest, most powerful art techniques that all art masters across time and space use. Take Drawing with Art Theory, then keep mastering your skills with this next-level course.

Total classes: 8

Prerequisite: Drawing with Art Theory is required (Available LIVE and Recorded through Unlimited Access) Note: Students can sign up for this course and the prerequisite course at the same time

Suggested grade level: 8th-12th

Suggested credit: ½ semester Art Theory or Fine Arts


Students will learn how to use the art techniques applied by the old masters, as well as more advanced techniques for a finished drawing. This is a practically focused course to help students learn and improve their artistic skills. This course has a special focus on the human body and realistic body proportions and movement.


1. Introduction and Body Proportions

2. Body mass, fat, and muscle

3. Joints and Flexibility

4. Facial Variations

5. Consistency in faces and levels of detail.

6. How to draw feet

7. How to draw hands

8. Clothing and other details.

Materials and Homework

Course materials: Art pencils, sketchbook, and a plastic page protector. Ability to scan drawings or take a picture of drawings. The instructor will provide other materials for free.

Homework: Students will need to practice sketches to cement lessons. The assignments should take 30-60 minutes per school day.

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