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Human Love in the Divine Plan: A Theology of the Body (TOB), Part Two

After an explosion of interest and desire to go deeper into the rich thought of St. John Paul II, we’ve opened a deeper mine of insight and application in the gift and sign of human sexuality with internationally acclaimed Theology of the Body educator Bill Donaghy.

Total classes: 14

Special notes: Upon registration, parents sign a document confirming the understanding and awareness that the content deals with tough subjects that young people are faced with today. This is not a sex education course. This course focuses on the Church’s direction on developing a clear understanding of who we are as members of the Church.



We will be returning to and spiraling deeper into the major themes of the Theology of the Body, making more applicable connections in the realm of masculine and feminine identity and vocational discernment for older students. Students will also be better equipped to understand and address the current gender ideologies and LGBT+ movement, using both clarity and charity to learn and share the truth and beauty of the Gospel!


Week 1: Back to the Garden: Revisiting God’s Dream for Man and Woman

Week 2: The School of Love, Eden’s Original Experiences Revisited

Week 3: Eden’s Original Experiences Continued

Week 4: The Meaning of Femininity and Masculinity

Week 5: Hierarchy vs Anarchy: Original Sin Unmasked

Week 6: Sexual (Dis)orientation

Week 7: Sexual (Dis)orientation Part 2

Week 8: Discovering the Real Jesus

Week 9: The Battlefield of the Heart and Finding Healing

Week 10: The Art of Tenderness

Week 11: Marriage and Family

Week 12: The Marriage Made in Heaven and On Earth

Week 13: The Cure for Our Contraceptive Culture

Week 14: Roundtable Discussion and Final Q&A

Materials and Homework

Course Materials: “Men, Women, and the Mystery of Love: Practical Insights from John Paul II’s Love and Responsibility by Dr. Ed Sri (https://amzn.to/3vzJbjg)

Homework: Weekly reading and assessment questions. Journal entries and other assessments.

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