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Foreign Language | Latin
Henle Latin: First Year, Part One

Introduce yourself to the beautiful language of the Church and improve your vocabulary, SAT/ACT scores, and English grammar with this dynamic Latin course.

Total classes: 12

Prerequisite: None

Suggested grade level: 8th to 12th grade

Suggested credit: One full semester Latin

Special Notes: Due to the popularity of this course, it is offered twice this year. Choose the day and time that works best for your family homeschool. This is Part One of a two-part course. Students are expected to register for Part Two offered in the spring.


 Throughout this twelve-week course, students will be introduced to the first five noun declension forms, the rules for adjectives, foundational verb forms, and numerous vocabulary words. This course will teach students how to identify and recognize the patterns found in the language to make mastery more attainable. Students will meet weekly in an engaging online environment. Students will not only learn Latin, but also will have fun while they learn! This course will explore both Classical and Ecclesiastical pronunciations. Quizlet and other materials supplemented by the instructor will be utilized to encourage good study habits. The textbook, Henle First Year Latin, will be our overarching guide for the course.


Week One: Unit One, Lesson 1.1, 1.3, 1.4. Nominative and Accusative Cases, Third Person Verbs

Week Two: Unit One, Lesson 1.5 – The Genitive Case. The genitive, ablative, dative, & vocative Cases

Week Three: Unit One, Lesson 2.1-2.4. Second Declension and Neuter

Week Four: Unit One, Lesson 2.5-2.6. Sum, Esse + Quod

Week Five: Unit One, Lesson 3. Third Declension

Midterm Exam

Week Six: Unit One, Lesson 4. Fourth Declension

Week Seven: Unit One, Lesson 5. Fifth Declension

Week Eight: Review of Unit One. Review

Week Nine: Unit Two, Lesson 7. Adjectives of First and Second Declension

Week Ten: Unit Two, Lesson 8. Adjectives of Third Declension

Week Eleven: Mastery Review Vocabulary No. 1 (Units One and Two)

Week Twelve: Review of Units One and Two

Final Exam

Materials and Homework

Course Materials: Henle First Year Latin, ISBN-10:‎ 0829410260 (https://amzn.to/3elanwa) and Henle Latin Grammar (https://amzn.to/3c7hS7c). Students need to have a functioning headset with a microphone.

Homework: Students will have homework assignments, quizzes, and exams that will reinforce the material covered in this course. Students can expect to spend 30 minutes a day on their homework. In addition to homework, students will be encouraged to study Latin for at least fifteen minutes each day for mastery of both vocabulary and grammar.

Important Dates

Class Dates and Times:

Mondays, September 9 to December 9, 2024 (No class Oct. 21 & Nov. 25)

10:00 AM Eastern (9:00 Central; 8:00 Mountain; 7:00 Pacific)


Thursdays, September 12 to December 12, 2024 (No class Oct. 24 & Nov. 28)

4:00 PM Eastern (3:00 Central; 2:00 Mountain; 1:00 Pacific)

Duration: 55 minutes per class

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