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Frankenstein: The Misunderstood Monster

The teen years may be a perfect time to read Shelley’s classic horror story of her misunderstood monster. Join Professor Pearce and go deep into the text as well as the life of the author. Frankenstein is a book that may just stick with you long after you close it. Parents, this is one you’ll enjoy reading alongside your teen!

Total classes: 6

Duration: 55 minutes per class

Prerequisite: The ability to read and enjoy Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. Note: This is a story that includes violence and murder (not graphic). While it is not a particularly easy read, it is a rewarding read in the end.

Suggested grade level: 10th to 12th grade

Suggested credit: 1/2 semester Literature or English


A detailed study of Mary Shelley’s classic novel, Frankenstein, focusing on its interaction with the popular ideas of the day, such as Romanticism, scientism, atheism, and how they clash with traditional Christian values.

Course Outline

Day One: Setting the Scene and Context for the novel: Shelley’s Confusion and Conflicted Passions
Day Two: Pages 1-41
Day Three: Pages 41-81
Day Four: Pages 83-119
Day Five: Pages 119-167
Day Six: Pages 167-216

Materials and Homework

Course materials: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, Ignatius Critical Editions, ISBN-10‏:‎ 1586171380 or ISBN-13:‎ 978-1586171384. Note: If you use another edition, the page numbers will not align and it will not include the Catholic footnotes found in the Ignatius Critical Editions.

Homework: The reading assignment for each class is detailed in the Course Outline above. Students should complete the assigned reading for each class beforehand. Students should highlight the passages discussed in class and review this for the quiz assigned for each class. The estimated time for homework for each class, i.e. for the assigned reading and reviewing for each quiz, should be about 90 minutes.

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