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Making Sense of Mary: Biblical Background for Marian Apologetics

Join the author of the textbook for a deep dive into Scripture and Mariology. In this course students learn the biblical foundations for Catholic teaching on the Blessed Mother.

Total Classes: 10

Prerequisite: None

Suggested Grade Level: 8th to 12th grade

Suggested Credit: 3/4 semester Theology or Apologetics. Add additional reading, family presentation, or another course for a full credit.


Making Sense of Mary is not your average apologetics course. Instead of memorizing proof-texts, we are going to uncover how Scripture and the early Christians understood Mary’s role in God’s perfect plan of redemption, beginning in Genesis with Adam, Eve, and the Serpent and tracing the prophetic echoes of that event all the way to the Book of Revelation. We’ll see why Mary plays such an important and indispensable role in God’s plan, how the Kingdom of David sheds light on Mary’s mission both on earth and in Heaven, how being members of the Body of Christ affects our relationship to Mary, and finally what the “Woman clothed with the sun” in Revelation 12 tells us about Mary and our battle against the Evil One. The class will be based on Gary Michuta’s book, Making Sense of Mary.


Class 1: The Temptation and Fall of Adam and Eve

Class 2: Mary’s Role in God’s Perfect Plan of Salvation

Class 3: The First Gospel

Class 4: Old Testament Prophecies about Mary

Class 5: Mary: The Queen Mother of the Kingdom

Class 6: One Christ: Head and Body

Class 7: Daughter Zion

Class 8: The Woman of Revelation 12

Class 9: Apologetics

Class 10: Who were the “brothers of the Lord”?

Materials and Homework

Course Materials: Making Sense of Mary by Gary Michuta [Grotto Press], ISBN 978-0998839929 (https://amzn.to/3h2pkDy)

Homework: Weekly reading and quizzes, plus a final exam to review material from the semester. Quizzes and the exam are automatically graded by the computer so that students have immediate feedback.

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