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Accounting, Part Two

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Total classes: 28

Prerequisite: Accounting, Part One

Suggested grade level: 10th to 12th grade

Suggested credit: 1 full semester Accounting; Math; or Financial Literacy


This is part 2 of a year-long course which serves as an introduction to basic bookkeeping and accounting principles. As such, it is designed for anyone wanting to better understand how money, personal finance, and business work. Additionally, the course equips students with the skills to obtain a job working as an either a bookkeeper or accounting clerk in both small and large organizations.

A major goal of this class is for students comprehend the powerful financial advantage their accounting education will afford them- now and in the future! When students appreciate how a worthwhile subject can improve their lives, comprehension is dramatically increased, as the desire to learn becomes a driving force. Therefore, below is a partial list of course topics that are intended to motivate students to excel in accounting:

Teach students how to use accounting strategies to manage their allowances and/or earnings
Teach students how the basic workings of the federal tax system. Thereafter, students will learn to employ tax minimization and/or deferment strategies
Students will learn how accounting can be used to manage and expand any type of business venture
Students will learn basic bookkeeping tools that will enable them to find full or part-time office employment
Students will enhance their resume by gaining competence working with electronic spreadsheets tools

The second-semester topics focus on accounting principles and practices for a sole proprietorship or family-run business.


Unit 1 – The Income Statement, classes 1 – 6

Unit 2 – Adjusting and Closing Entries, classes 7 – 10

Unit 3 – Payroll Records , classes 11 – 17

Unit 4 – Payroll Taxes and Reporting, classes 18 – 23

Unit 5 – Business Simulations, classes 23 – 28

Materials and Homework

Course Materials:

1. Access to a spreadsheet tool such as Open Office, Libre Office, Google Sheets, or Microsoft Excel;

2. Textbook – LifePac Accounting 10 Unit Set (units 1 through 5 can also be purchased separately)

https://www.aop.com/curriculum/shop-lifepac/accounting-10-unit-set ISBN 10 – 0740301969 ISBN 13 – 9780740301964 (https://amzn.to/2O7Uqie)

Homework: Assignments, unit tests, and exams will provide students with hands-on practice using the tools of accounting. Daily practice is important to apply and master the concepts. A daily schedule will be provided to guide student learning. Students can expect to spend 0.5-2 hours a day 5 days per week on their assignments.

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