What parents & students are saying:

"I'm going to love this!"

Parent: My daughter said of MS Latin, "if the rest of the classes are like this one I'm going to love this!" ~ Mom of one of Mrs. Henry's students

"A weight has been lifted"

Parent: Thank you for providing such affordable, solidly Catholic, curriculum for these students.  I feel like a weight has been lifted from me in planning for the next year.  

"Learned so much"

Parent: This class has been wonderful and Conor has learned so much. Thank you for putting time and energy into teaching these classes! (Instructor: Erin Brown Conroy)

"Screamed with joy"

ParentWell, he just screamed with joy in the kitchen….so I think that answers your question:-)  THANK YOU! ~ Mom's report of son after learning he is now enrolled in Mr. Gary Michuta's Apologetics course

"I'm enjoying the freedom"

Parent: My older kids have used HSC recorded courses for the last 2 years now and have loved it. They love the independence of being able to do their school work without Mom looking over their shoulders. Personally, I'm enjoying the freedom it gives me in that I no longer have to slave over lesson plans. - Joy, 2019

"Wonderful staff and exceptional teachers"

Parent: We want to send a huge thank you to the wonderful staff and exceptional teachers my daughter was blessed to have guided her for the better part of the last three years at Homeschool Connections. Your class topics and content plus excellent continued formation through the theology courses was a true God-send for us!  Thank you for the gap you all filled so abundantly in my daughter's educational and spiritual growth and discipline!

"Definitely won't be our last"

Parent: This is our first time with Homeschool Connections and it definitely won't be our last.  

"Continue homeschooling through high school"

Parent: I so wish I had known about Homeschool Connections sooner! I started using the recorded courses mid-school year last year and am so grateful! It has been a God-send, especially for a financially strapped family. Besides high-quality courses, with the recorded courses I can watch the courses and learn right along with multiple children at the same. Before the recorded course I could not keep up with all my children's readings to have quality discussions (or even grade effectively). Without the discussions, my high schoolers were floundering and not enjoying school. We just cannot afford online live or live courses for each child for multiple courses. I used the automated grading for one course and Instructor Access grading for another. That worked very well too. I feel these classes will enable us to continue homeschooling through high school.  

"An A on every assignment"

Parent: I want to pay you a compliment. My older son Michael took your series of high school writing classes that were recorded.  For one of them, we paid a grader as well. He finished his first college English class this semester, and he not only got an A on every assignment, but he was also the only student in the class who was not required to complete separate grammar exercises. When comparing his college professor and you, Michael said, 'Professor Conroy is tougher!' Well done!  Thank you. - Susan P.

"Instructors are excellent"

Parent: Thank you -- I am referring everyone to Homeschool Connections -- the instructors are excellent! Makes me want to go back to school! - Rachel, 2019

"Keep us on track"

Parent: Our experience with Homeschool Connections has been so very positive, truly a gift from God. When we first began four years ago, I thought it would primarily be a fun resource for a novel class or two. However, our third son begins high school this year, and Homeschool Connections has carried our family through pregnancy loss, job loss, multiple moves and a major relocation, and illness—helping to keep us on track and stand in for me as instructor without missing a beat and while helping to keep relationships (with God and one another) intact and thriving. Thank you, Michelle

"He finally understands"

Parent: My son took this (free study skills) class last week and I must say, it was a wonderful class for him. By the end of the week, he had four pages of notes! This is a first! He told me that he finally understands the note-taking process. Wow!  He said that the way you described it—really made sense to him : )  So, thank you for offering this class...Thanks again for a great experience! 

"Build Christ's Church"

Parent: Thank you so very much and God bless you all and the work you do for all learners, to help build Christ's Church through Our Blessed Mother! 

"So quick to reply"

Parent: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!  We seem to be in good shape now!  I so much appreciate your being so quick to reply and offer easily understood help.  Your customer/client care is something to be proud of." - Mom who had questions about Unlimited Access

"Solid, Catholic education"

Parent: So thankful for Homeschool Connections! Both of my kids were absolutely thrilled with their new classes/teachers in their live classes. So blessed! Thank you for all that you do and for uniting good people. I'm very thankful that we're able to provide a solid, Catholic education for our children. God bless!  

"BEST customer support"

ParentThank you Mr. Crawford and Mrs. Wittmann for having the BEST customer support anywhere hands down ... you are both so patient and kind. Thank you for understanding the craziness of large family homeschool life ... at least THIS large family's.  

"Prepare our homeschooled children for life"

Parent: Although you don't know me, I would like to share that Homeschool Connections offers such a wide variety of online classes! All of the ones we have taken are challenging and will prepare your homeschooler for university-level courses.  Some are more challenging than community college.  Most of all, no matter what your homeschool philosophy is, you will likely find something you need to supplement and give you, the teacher, peace of mind.  Additionally, the courses encourage self-study and offer preparation for your students for the technological aspects of society. I am very grateful for Homeschool Connections, and the professors/teachers who give their time to better prepare our homeschooled children for life, through the truthful Catholic lens.  - Mom, Pheonix, AZ

"So grateful"

Parent: My son loves the live classes. He'll be in eighth grade next year, so we definitely appreciate any middle school offerings. So grateful that HC is an option for us.  

"Valuable information"

Student: By taking the class Debate and Argumentation taught by Mr. O'Brien on Homeschool Connections, I learned valuable information especially on communicating effectively, considering the opposing view, and challenging myself.

"Always excited"

Student: Thank you so much for Homeschool Connections! There just isn't anything else like it. I'm always excited to see what new courses will be offered next. 

"My favorite class"

Student: Conceptual Physics was my favorite class this year. Mr. Frederick was fantastic and a great teacher. The website was easy to use, not complicated at all. If there was a problem with uploading (mostly user error), it was easy to solve the problem.  

"I love praying"

Student: I love praying at the beginning and end of each class!  

"Very easy to use"

Student: (the technology's) not complicated, very easy to use.  I wish I could take all my classes this way!

"Fantastic course"

Student: Fantastic course, fantastic teacher, fantastic classmates! I'm looking forward to taking from Mrs. Alison Stanley next semester!

"Fun and helpful!"

Student: Thanks for teaching the class! it has been fun and helpful! hope to take another class with you as the teacher! (Instructor: Erin Brown Conroy)

" Thank you so much!"

Student: I would like to thank you for the Hero’s Journey Class. It has helped me figure out so much of my story. I feel like it's coming together, shaping right before my eyes. Thank you, thank you so much! 

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