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4-Year Cycle: Medieval Historical Era (Live, Online Classes)


ANNOUNCING: Homeschool Connections’ four-year cycle for live, interactive courses …

In response to requests from students and their parents, Homeschool Connections has organized a four-year cycle of coordinated courses for all students in your family, third through twelfth grade. This is so your entire family can learn about the same era at the same time, making life easier for parents and making school more fun for children. (We also offer alternate courses, not in the cycle.)

The four-year cycle includes:

  • Grade-school unit studies: 3rd through 6th grade (reading list and suggested activities provided for pre-k to 2nd siblings)
  • Middle-school history and literature courses: 6th through 8th grade
  • High-school history, literature, and philosophy courses: 9th through 12th grade
The four eras in the cycle are:
  • Ancient (taught live in 2019/2020 and now available as a recorded, independent-learning unit)
  • Medieval (starting Fall 2020)
  • Renaissance through Modern (starting Fall 2021)
  • American (starting Fall 2022)

NOTE: If you prefer recorded, independent-learning courses, this is already available through our Unlimited Access program. For a list of Unlimited Access courses available and how they fit into the four-year cycle click here.

For the upcoming 2020/2021 school year, we are offering courses based on Medieval History in addition to our regular slate. Here are the live, interactive courses now open for you to get started on learning together as a family …

— Grade School. The online grade school unit study program is based on TAN Books’ Story of Civilization. The unit study is geared for third through sixth grade and will include religion, history, language arts, and science. For 2020/2021 we are adding a creative writing course for 3rd to 6th grade with a Medieval theme. Taught by Jackie deLaveaga. Registration is open HERE.

  • Unit Studies
  • Creative Writing

— Middle School. Click on the course title to learn more or register:

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— High School. Click on the course title to learn more or register:

We also offer all levels of Latin. Search our registration page to find the right course for you or email us for a free Latin placement test.

READING LIST FOR PRE-K TO 2ND GRADE: Make sure to include your pre-k to 2nd grade children too! Here is a picture book list for the Medieval period from Sarah Mackenzie of Read-Aloud Revival, https://readaloudrevival.com/middle-ages. We also recommend For the Love of Literature: Teaching Core Subjects by Maureen Wittmann for age-appropriate reading.

Have your older children read aloud to your little children for a win-win homeschool day (lessons reinforced for older children, little children are included, Mom gets a break).

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