A Letter to a Homeschool Dad (a letter to myself)

Dear Walter (of 10 years ago),

How are you doing? I know you are well since I was there. Perhaps you are too comfortable, which is why I am writing this letter to you.

Well, you (really your wife not so much you) graduated two of your six kids. Y’all are still homeschooling. Congratulations! It is a challenging pursuit. There is no doubt about that. Keep it going.

NOW, wake up. Yes, you! There is a possible maelstrom brewing that you need to address… quickly.

You advocate homeschooling faithfully. That is good. Very good but put your money where your mouth is.

Your wife is tired and needs some rest and a chance to recover. She also needs help. She needs your support. How?

Well, as I write this, I tell you that you need to help her educate the kids. Not just by example only but stepping in and helping with the process. Schedule some time with your wife. Figure out how and when you can help.

Yes, it starts with being a spiritual leader, helping with the household chores, making dinner, etc. but that is the ante to get in the game. To really be involved, you need to be part of the solution. Figure out what you can do to teach the kids. You are decent at math and theology. Show it. You can shop so take the kids with you to the store and teach them how to add, weigh food, check out, make change… you get the idea.

Time is short and the kids are at home for such a short time. Your wife wants to homeschool but she also wants to keep her sanity. She has sacrificed so much. Honor her by helping her. Really helping her.

Ok. You get the picture. Get to work now so your wife can have peace of mind over the next 10 years.

By the way, you are about to hurt your knee so take it easy on the basketball court. You want to continue playing into your 50’s right? Well, heed my advice.

God bless,
Your Future Self.

PS Invest in real estate and Tesla stock when you can.

PPS For more Dad Homeschool resources, check out the Homeschooling Saints Podcast – Dad Episodes.

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