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How Do I Begin Homeschooling: Podcast Edition

How do I begin homeschooling? While modernity poses its share of challenges for Catholic homeschool families, there are silver linings. One great thing is the number of homeschooling podcasts out there today. Podcasts give you direct access to the ideas and experiences of other homeschoolers and are a valuable resource. Whether we’re listening while doing the dishes or while driving to co-op, podcasts are an easy-to-implement tool in making our homeschools better.

Homeschool Connections produces a Catholic homeschool podcast called Homeschooling Saints, hosted by Lisa Mladinich. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or just dipping your feet into the waters of homeschooling, the Homeschooling Saints Podcast is a treasure trove of information with lots of encouragement and practical homeschool tips.

Today let’s focus on new homeschoolers and the episodes you will find most valuable if you are asking yourself, “how do I homeschool?” Whether you’re looking for general advice about how to get started homeschooling or tips on specific school subjects, these episodes are sure to have something for you as you start your homeschool journey (click on the title to listen)…

How Do I Homeschool: The Basics

#44: Homeschooling 101—Part One, with Maureen Wittmann (August 2020)

#45: Homeschooling 101—Part Two, with Maureen Wittmann (August 2020)

Getting Started Homeschooling

#48: Organizing the School Room and the School Year, with Margaret Gallipeau (September 2020)

#50: Compelling Reasons to Homeschool An Only Child, with Megan Fassero (September 2020)

Finding Joy in Your Homeschool

#5: Preparing for a Joyful Homeschool Year! With Bonnie Landry (September 2019)

#19: How to Have a Merry Homeschool, with Celeste Behe (December 2019)

Help and Inspiration: School Subjects

#87: Making History with Your Homeschool Lessons, with Phillip Campbell (August 2021)

#11: Solutions to Homeschooling Science, with Tom Frederick (October 2019)

#13: Inspiring Our Children to Love Literature, with Joseph Pearce (October 2019)

#78: Learning from Literature Starts with Scripture, with Kevin O’Brien (April 2021)

#53: Math is Just Plain Good for You! with Marie Siobhan Gallagher (October 2020)

#84: Choose the Best Math Curriculum for Your Child, with Cathy Duffy (May 2021)

#51: Why Phys-Ed is Important, Even if You and Your Kids Are NOT Athletic! with Dr. Kerrie Berends (September 2020)

Home Life

#38: The Joy, Art, and Educational Benefits of Read-Alouds, with Maureen Wittmann (April 2020)

#64: Simple Habits for Great Nutrition–On a Budget! with Dr. Kerrie Berends (December 2020)

And that is our Top Ten! But, wait, there’s more — the Homeschooling Saints Podcast has over 105 episodes. You can search the archive of episodes at https://homeschoolingsaints.podbean.com/ or on your favorite podcasting app.

May God bless you and yours abundantly!

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