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The History of Latin America

Join Mr. Campbell and your fellow students to learn why Latin American history holds a substantial place in World History. In this course, you will learn about Latin America’s impact on the development of our agriculture, economics, politics, culture, and more.

Total Classes: 13

Prerequisite: None, Introduction to Christian Historiography and Modern European History recommended (both available through Unlimited Access).

Suggested Grade Level: 11th to 12th grade; 9th and 10th grade students with above average reading and comprehension skills.

Suggested High School Credit: 1 full semester World History or American History


Americans routinely hear about problems all over the globe, but seldom do we have the historical hindsight to understand the origin of these conflicts. In “The History of Latin America”, students will survey of the history and culture of Central and South America, from the Spanish and Portuguese colonial period through the age of the revolutions and into the region’s troubled modern period. Focus will be on South and Central America but will also touch on the Caribbean with an emphasis on illustrating how the region’s past relates to its modern character.


Week 1: Geography: Introduction to the geography of south and central America

Week 2: Pre-Columbian Peoples: Cultures of south and central America prior to Columbus

Week 3: First Contact: Initial contacts with the Europeans and the Conquest

Week 4: Brazil: The calamitous history of South America’s largest nation

Week 5: The Caribbean: Culture and history of the Caribbean islands

Week 6: The Catholic Church: The role of the Church in creating the culture of Latin America

Week 7: Culture and Society: Distinctive cultural characteristics of Latin America

Week 8: New Spain: The creation of Mexico

Week 9: The Age of Liberty: Revolution rocks Latin America throughout the 19th century

Week 10: Banana Republics: Latin America and U.S. influence in the early 20th century

Week 11: The Strong Men: Pinochet, Peron and the Latin American dictatorships

Week 12: The Spectre of Communism: Latin America’s experiment with socialism and communism

Week 13: Unresolved Issues: Contemporary problems in Latin America

Materials and Homework

Course Materials: Provided free by instructor.

Homework: Five hours per week, including attending the live class, watching recordings, completing reading assignments, online quizzes.

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