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The Dividing of Christendom

An exciting study of the twofold divisions of Christendom: the Reformation, and secular liberalism.

Special Note: Course materials provided free by the instructor. Includes an optional writing component.

Total classes: 14

Duration: 55 minutes per class

Prerequisite: None

Suggested grade level: 9th to 12th grade. Middle School students are also welcome – adjustments can be made to assignments for younger students.

Suggested credit: One full semester European History or World History


Beginning around the year 1500, Christendom experienced a sudden double rebellion, from the Reformation on the one hand, and secular liberalism on the other. This course is based on Catholic Historian Christopher Dawson’s text of the same name. It follows the exciting story of how Western Civilization went from unity to disunity, and how the heroes and villains played their parts, including Martin Luther, Cardinal Cajetan, Henry VIII, Thomas More, Maximilien Robespierre, and Pope Pius VI. This course pairs well with The Judgment of the Nations, offered in the Fall.


Week 1: Introduction and overview of syllabus and assignments

Weeks 2-8: The Reformations

Week 2: The Old, Medieval Synthesis
Week 3: Luther’s Revolt
Week 4: The Revolt Spreads
Week 5: New Divisions
Week 6: The English Reformation
Week 7:  Trent, and Counter Reformation
Week 8: England and Spain

Weeks 9-14: The Secular Revolution

Week 9: The Enlightenment, and France
Week 10: The Revolution Rises
Week 11: Terror
Week 12: Napoleon vs. the World
Week 13: Liberalism and Catholicism
Week 14: The Secularization of Modern Culture

Materials and Homework

Course materials: Nothing to purchase.


-No required weekly readings

Writing is an integral part of demonstrating both the assimilation of knowledge, and the articulation thereof. Therefore, students will be guided through the process of writing a short (3- to 5-page, double-spaced) review of a book of their choice relevant to the subject matter.

NOTE: Middle Schoolers taking this class must instead write a 1- to 2-page book report.

NOTE: Parents may contact the professor to excuse their students from the written assignments.

Weekly, optional review quizzes based on classroom lectures and discussions. Worth bonus points.

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