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Literary-Critical Essay Project

This course provides an individual student with the opportunity for lengthy, in-depth literary critical consideration of a text or texts.

Total Classes: This project involves up to five stages of development of a literary-critical paper. Stages are accompanied by instructions (both written and video-recorded), and each submission will receive comments, suggestions, and corrections from the instructor.

Duration: Varies.

Prerequisite: 1 semester Literature class (or other Literary Training); Previous Writing Course (via Homeschool Connections) or by recommendation of parent. Come ready and receptive! NB: If student has no experience writing, this course will not work well.

Suggested Grade Level: 9th to 12th grade

Suggested Credit: 1/2 semester Literature


This course provides an individual student with the opportunity for lengthy, in-depth literary critical consideration of a text or texts. The student will work with the instructor, through conversation, analysis, and review, through the process of sculpting a literary critical paper. This will involve reading and brainstorming as well as four paper drafts. At the conclusion of the project, the instructor will provide the student’s parents with feedback regarding the progress of the entire project as well as observations and recommendations regarding the finished paper. In addition to the myriad of skills to be derived from this (in terms of writing ability, literary critical powers of observation, and aptitude in the development and articulation of an argument), this project provides training in college-level composition. NB: Particular schedule will be agreed upon by student and instructor.


Choice of a novel & general theme (e.g. Reason versus the Imagination in Jane Eyre)
Reading text & brainstorming (2 weeks)
First draft (1-2 weeks)
Second draft (1-2 weeks)
Third draft (1-2 weeks)
Final draft (1-2 weeks)

Materials and Homework

Course Materials:

  • The Elements of Style (978-0205309023)
  • Literary Text agreed upon by student/instructor.

Homework: Be prompt and thorough in the completion of each stage of paper development. If you stick to the schedule and are receptive to feedback, this should be a manageable and enjoyable project! You should set aside 1-3 hours a week for editing and writing. Sometimes the drafts will come quickly; at other times, you may find that you’re struggling to come up with what to say. That’s the time to reach out to your Instructor and throw some ideas around. The conversation and the feedback will spur you to renewed thought and creativity!

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