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Introduction to Political Philosophy & Systems

In this upper-level government course you will be challenged and go deep into the roots of different political philosophies – taught in the context of Catholic teaching. Additionally, you will use your critical thinking and essay-writing skills.

Total classes: 12

Prerequisite: None, but American Democracy and Government or other American civics course strongly recommended.

Suggested grade level: 11th to 12th grade only – the subject matter/reading is often advanced.

Suggested credit: One full semester Government or Humanities


This course will expose students to the roots of various political philosophies and systems, including ancient democracies in Athens and Rome, as well as an in-depth review of socialism and communism. A highlight of this class is the study of Marx’s Communist Manifesto, which challenges students to put economic and social justice into a political context. Critical thinking and essay writing are emphasized in this course.


Week 1: Origins of Political Philosophy – Plato & Aristotle: Foundation for Western Democracy?

Week 2: English Political Philosophers – Hobbes, Locke, Mill & Acton

Week 3: French Political Philosophers – Descartes, Rousseau, & Voltaire

Week 4: Our Founders: Divine & Natural Law

Week 5: Karl Marx & the Foundation of Communism – The Communist Manifesto (Part 1)

Week 6: Karl Marx & the Communist Manifesto (Part 2)

Week 7: Socialism – In the eye of the beholder

Week 8: Athenian (Ancient Greek) Democracy

Week 9: Ancient Roman Democracy

Week 10: Modern Parliamentary Democracy

Week 11: Modern Theories of Just Societies: Distributism, Rawls’ Theory of Justice, etc.

Week 12: Catholic Teaching & Principles

Materials and Homework

Course Materials: FREE online and printable resources provided by instructor.

Homework: Reading, quizzes, essay questions, and online research. Expect 2 to 3 hours each week on homework.

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